The Speaker’s Day celebration takes place on different dates depending on the country. Although February 13 is World Radio Day, proclaimed by the United Nations Organization (UNO), at the proposal of the Spanish Academy of Radio, there is no consensus among nations to establish a single date for the Day of the Speaker.

Thus, each country has established a date of relevance for that nation, with a special significance for broadcasting, such as the day to celebrate the service of speech. In Latin America, for example, July 27th was proclaimed as the Day of the Hispanic American Speaker, during the First Iberoamerican Meeting of Speech Talkers.

However, each Spanish-speaking country continues to celebrate its own National Speaker’s Day.

Speaker’s Day in Spain

So far, Spain has not established a National Voiceover Day. However, the Spanish Radio Academy holds one of its most significant activities each year, the National Radio Awards. This is in order to recognize the work of broadcasters.

In other European countries, something similar to what is happening in Spain, until now, no date has been officially promulgated to celebrate the Day of the Speaker in Germany, for example.

Speaker’s Day Celebrations in Latin America

In Latin America, as I mentioned at the beginning, the Spanish-speaking nations decided to take the 27th of July to honor the speaker in his day. Yet each nation has its own date when they recognize the speaker’s work with awards and entertainment. Some of those dates are:

Speaker’s Day in Argentina

The Day of the Speaker is celebrated in Argentina every July 3rd. This commemorates the founding of the Argentinean Society of Broadcasters, created in 1943 by a group of pioneering broadcasters.

Speaker’s Day in Venezuela

Every December 11 is celebrated on the Day of the Speaker in Venezuela, decreed in 1998, in honor of the deceased broadcaster Renny Ottolina, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of broadcasting in that Caribbean country.

World Voice Day

World Voice Day is celebrated on 16 April every year and, although it is not a date to honour the speaker, it is a day that all of us who are dedicated to this profession must take very much into account.

This day was proposed by the Federation of Otorhinolaryngology Societies. Its aim is to promote the importance of voice care. That’s why this date is so important for the speakers, because those of us who dedicate ourselves to it, work with the voice.
In other words, our most precious asset is the voice and that’s why we join every year in celebrating World Voice Day.

Phrases for Speaker’s Day

Thinking about this special day for those of us who dedicate ourselves to the locution, I want to share with you some phrases for the Day of the Speaker:

“The radio touches people in a very intimate way, from one to the other, and offers a whole world of silent communication between the writer-lover and the listener.” Marshall McLuhan.

“People will always want someone to play a music playlist, feel affinity, feel like they belong to a group. That’s why the radio will continue to exist.” Mario Pergolini

“Obviously, the composure of a program is given by the voice that comes on the air: from a speaker, animator, commentator, journalist, etc. This voice doesn’t necessarily have to stand out because it is microphone, but because it is clear enough, with a good tone, lively and with a good rhythm.” Jorge Carrión Rubio.

Happy Speaker’s Day

Regardless of the date on which your country celebrates Speaker’s Day, I would like to wish all those who love this beautiful profession my sincere congratulations for the important work they do for all sectors of the world and which, in spite of this, often goes unnoticed.

We are the voice behind great productions, we transmit emotions and break the language barrier. We’re broadcasters.