A speaker, in its simplest definition, is that person, who is dedicated to speaking through radio and television. The presenter presents programmes, narrates news, dubs the voices of characters in films, cartoons, television and radio programmes. He is also responsible for giving voice to broadcasts translated from other languages, and everything that has to do with giving voice to radio, television, film and Internet productions.

Professional Broadcaster or Speaker

Although there are many people today who are dedicated to the profession of voice-over, what a professional voice-over artist is not easy to find. This is because a professional speaker is one who, in addition to being certified for speaking, has the knowledge and experience necessary to transmit messages in an assertive manner through the different media in which he lends his voice.

That’s why it is important that when you are looking for a commercial announcer for your projects, verify that you are going to hire a true certified announcer, because it will be this one who will really guarantee quality and highly satisfactory results.

Types of Broadcaster or Announcer

There are different types of phrases and for each of them, specific skills and knowledge are required. Therefore, when you look for a newscaster, you can find different meanings for the word announcer, although not far from the heart of this profession.

Then, depending on the project you plan to carry out, you may require a specific type of speaker such as:

  • Radio announcer

    His experiences are mainly based on news stories and live radio programmes.

  • Voiceover Voiceoverer

    The voice-over voice talent is dedicated to placing his voice on film characters, cartoons, novels, TV series and other radio, television and Internet programs.

  • Speaker Translator

    A speaker translator is one who, in addition to having the ability, knowledge and experience to perform voiceover work for audiovisual media and the Internet, is also capable of translating live and/or recorded broadcasts and programs into one or more languages.

While these are not the only areas in which a radio broadcaster can specialize, it is highly recommended that if you want to produce a radio program, look for a radio broadcaster. But if you want to put the voice in Spanish to a character, the ideal is a voiceover voice-over artist.

This does not mean that a speaker does not have more than one specialization, since a professional speaker has generally acquired sufficient training and experience to be able to play more than one of these roles within the voice.

Characteristics of a good speaker

When looking for a speaker for your projects, it is important that he or she is able to carry out different types of voiceovers, since this is one of the main characteristics of a good speaker. A good announcer must have the following qualities among his or her qualities:

  1. Impeccable dictation
  2. Attractive, audience friendly voice
  3. Know how to express yourself live
  4. Have knowledge and experience as a voice-over speaker
  5. Being professional
  6. Constantly learning to keep up with new technologies and the new era

Knowing all this stuff I’ve just told you about what a speaker is, you can make the decision to become a speaker. But if that’s not what you’re passionate about, but you need a professional announcer for your projects, then you’ve hit the nail on the head when you get to this page. I invite you to know a little more about what I have to offer for your projects as a speaker.